Earlier this year I was told by a potential client that the reason I didn’t get the tender I was going for was because my website wasn’t very good, it didn’t look professional enough and didn’t show them that I was capable enough to make films.

I instantly knew that I needed to completely rebrand my companies image to make sure this didn’t happen again, so I sat down with Creative Catalysts and we began the process of building my companies new website.

Working with Creative Catalysts was great, from the get go I felt very comfortable with the direction of where things were going, Creative Catalysts was very knowledgeable and was always a quick phone call or Facebook message away. Creative Catalysts also had a good understand of what I was looking for in a new website and was able to point things in the right direction when planning everything out.

Going into the building of my new website I’d done a lot of research into what I was looking for and had lot of ideas of what I wanted it to look like, I showed them all to Creative Catalysts and together we worked through it all, putting all the good stuff together and taking away the stuff that wouldn’t work until we had an initial concept which I though looked great.

After a few months of going through the design process for each section of the website and developing everything to a high stand I was presented with exactly what I was looking for, the website was modern looking, easy to navigate, showed my videos in a really good way and gave my company a more professional Image!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Creative Catalysts to people asking about a new website as I can confidently say, this is what they did for me and they can do exactly the same for you!

Robert A-Wood

Director, Cardrews Media Ltd